Thank you for taking time to check¬†out Mark’s website. The fact that you are here says a lot about the importance you place in knowing more about the people who serve on Federal Way’s city council. This website was written to address the issues Mark believes are important to our cities future and to be a forum for dialog.

Because of his focus on service Mark continues to look for ways to make a difference in our city and community. As a supporter and former member of the Federal Way Chamber of Commerce Mark has had the opportunity to hear first hand the concerns and challenges our local businesses face as well as understand what is working in our city. Having been a member of the Kiwanis, which is a service group that has been a part of Federal Way for over 50 years and is focused enriching the lives of children, Mark has been a part of the solution in our schools.

Prior to being elected to the council, Mark served the city as a member and chair of three city commissions; the Civil Service Commission, the Independent Salary Review Commission, and the Parks and Recreation Commission. Since his election, Mark has joined the boards of Advancing Leadership and the Boys and Girls Club. As a result of his continued engagement in both city government and the community Mark has come to appreciate the diversity of our our community as well as the potential for greatness that exists.

Making the leap from being engaged in public causes to running for office was a big leap, and one most never consider. This is certainly understandable, as running for public office is a demanding endeavor. Mark is honored to serve the citizens of Federal Way as a member of the city council and continue to earn the trust you gave him with your vote.

We live in a world that is constantly changing. Some embrace the change while other resist it. Regardless, change is always going to be a part of our lives, so understanding who we are and what we value is essential. Being an active part of the change is something all of us can do regardless of our race, social status, or age. Mark’s hope is that all of us, regardless of how we choose to serve, can continue to make a difference in Federal Way and be part of creating the solutions our city needs.